Modern Bathroom Vanities by Fratelli Branchetti

Not just like the other usual modern bathroom vanities, these modern bathroom vanities are absolutely different! You can find the beautiful touches in every detail of the bathroom vanity. Designed by Italian producer, Fratelli Branchetti, this modern bathroom vanity collection is made from the combination between classic and contemporary style so that the modern vanities come! There are some sizes that can you choose based on your need, you can also find the beautiful oval mirror with the yellow frame. The panels are in artistic flower designs; they can be seen on the pictures below and they are available in white or black color touch. This modern bathroom vanity collection is made from high quality wooden material that must be sturdy and durable; so you can use it for long time! That’s why I recommend you to choose these modern bathroom vanities from Fratelli Branchetti. Make your bathroom looks modern with this bathroom vanity from Fratelli Branchetti.